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Art’s Cleaning Services Terms and Conditions

We love our work and happily do just about any kind of cleaning to help our customers. On the other hand, to maintain a high standard of quality, there are some limitations on what we can do:

1. Service Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel any service, for any reason. Racism, sexism, or disrespect towards our staff will result in immediate and permanent termination of service.

2. Staff Health and Safety

Health of our staff is paramount. We do not allow our staff to:

  • Climb heights beyond what’s reachable on a three-step ladder;
  • Move or lift heavy furniture (requiring assistance of one more person to move);
  • Clean biohazard substances (including animal or human waste);
  • Clean areas infested with insects;
  • Clean areas with mold;
  • Perform any other tasks that may jeopardize their health or safety.

3. Pet Liability

We do not assume liability for health and safety of your pets. While we are very mindful and careful about your pets, you are in the best position to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

4. Care and Liability

Our maids exercise reasonable care when cleaning. We do carry insurance for damage or breakage caused by our maids. We are not liable for damage that is caused by “normal wear and tear”, improper installation of an item(s), or artwork, collectibles or family heirlooms valued over $200 and that is not disclosed during the time of making the appointment. If any damage or perceived damage is noticed after the maids have left, the customer must notify Art’s Cleaning Services within 24 hours of any problem that may have occurred at the address during that day and time of the scheduled cleaning. We will do its best to resolve the problem and come up with a reasonable solution. These items include but are not limited to the following examples:

  • Carpet & Rug Snags: Carpet snags are the result of exposed loops caused by normal wear and tear, moving furniture, etc. which are snagged by a vacuum’s roller brush. We use Panasonic and Shark vacuums that are set to industry standards (which cannot be adjusted). In order to limit snags or fraying, we will try our best not to go near the bad areas of carpeting/rugs.
  • Broken Blinds: Customers should be aware that there are some inherent risks each time your blinds are cleaned. Blinds will become brittle from daily exposure to the sun and aging, and strings/chords will weaken over time resulting in breaks.
  • Improperly hung pictures/decorations/mirrors: If these items are securely/properly attached to the wall, they should not fall when the item is dusted/wiped.
  • Artwork, Collectibles or Family Heirlooms valued over $200: These items are expensive and/or impossible to replace. In that case, we do not assume the risk of cleaning such items. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform, in writing, of any item(s) that fall into this category.
  • Woodwork, Vintage/Antique Wood Furniture, Un-finished & Furniture with Special Instructions: Please let us know during your booking if your woodwork, wooden furniture or vintage wooden furniture is not sealed or is made of another material other than actual wood. Please discuss your furniture care needs with specifications as per item if they need special attention in anyway. If you would like to supply your own cleaning product(s) for your specific piece(s) of furniture, leather furniture, pianos, etc., please notify us via email or mail of the preferred product(s) you will provide us with.

5. Utilities Requirement

We need electricity and water! If your utilities are turned off, we will gladly reschedule to when they are back on.

6. Condition of Home

If the home is in bad shape – broken glass, mountains of clutter, or “hoarder’s living space” – we can most likely bring it to a livable/habitable standard. However, the end result will not be comparable with the level of cleanliness we can achieve on a standard home. Because of that, we will discuss this issue before starting the job and upon arrival onsite. We will photograph before and after for potential sharing and strategizing within our company on how to best approach the cleaning. We may use the photos of our work on our social media – without any of your identifiable information in the photo, e.g. a sink, a stove, a vacant space, etc.

7. Cancellation and Rescheduling

We carefully plan our appointments and any last-minute cancellations or rescheduling are very disruptive and result in losses to the company and our staff. Because of this, we have a 48-hours $100 cancellation/rescheduling fee. Occasionally we are able to waive it when we can replace the appointment with another one or if there is a serious reason for the cancellation.

8. Employee Solicitation

When retaining Art’s Cleaning Services, you agree not to solicit for hire any staff member introduced to you by Art’s Cleaning Services for any home-related services. We spend a lot of time and resources finding, interviewing, checking references and backgrounds, and training our maids. When hired, they sign an agreement barring them from performing any home related service for any of our past or present customers. However, if you do wish to employ a staff member directly please discuss this matter with the owner, Elena. If you are found to have solicited one of our staff, please be advised that our referral/training fee is $5,000 per hired employee. We consider our employees our most valuable asset and charge accordingly.

9. Indemnification

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Art’s Cleaning Services and its subsidiaries, agents, licensors, managers, and other affiliated companies, and their employees, owners, contractors, agents, officers and directors, from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees) arising from:

  • Your use of any cleaning services received by you and performed by Art’s Cleaning Services representatives;
  • Any alleged or actual loss or damage to property (including your residence), resulting from the performance of the Art’s Cleaning Services’ cleaning services.

10. Warranty Disclaimer


All Steam Cleaning Services

Payment Terms

Payment is due upon completion. If customer proceeds with services, customer is responsible for payment of services rendered. If bill is unpaid after completion, a $20 or 3% charge (whichever is greater) will be added after 3 days of services rendered and an additional $20 every 30 days thereafter. Customer will be held responsible for collection costs and attorney fee. If customer will not be present at the time of service, payment must be paid in full prior to start of services. Any other arrangements must be authorized prior to service date by Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC reserves the right to cancel or stop service if bill is outstanding prior or during scheduled services if customer will not be present for payment.

Release of Liability

We know that your carpet, flooring, rugs, and upholstery are important to you. We will professionally treat these with the utmost of care and take the necessary precautions to avoid damage to your items. However, there are some potential risks in cleaning. By hiring our services, the customer understands the potential risks and releases Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC from liability from the following:

Area Rug/Carpet Disclaimer

On occasion cleaning can cause: shrinkage, buckling, cellulosic browning, texture change, splitting, fraying, unraveling, deterioration, disintegration of worn or aged fibers, delamination, backing separation or discoloration, latex odor, appearance of white knots, pooling, shading may become more highlighted. Some materials, such as older or pretreated materials, are more predisposed to the possibility of damage than others. Older carpet may buckle due to standard cleaning depending on the age and quality of the carpet. Colorfastness varies depending on the materials and dyes used in manufacturing. We test rugs for dye stability before cleaning and take appropriate precautions to mitigate dye migration. However, on occasion the dyes in a rug may behave in a way that we could not anticipate. Fugitive, migrating, bleeding dyes could occur during cleaning. We are not responsible for such occurrences or reactions.

Stain Removal

We Do Not Guarantee Stain Removal. We will do our best to remove any and all stains, however, some stains may not be removed. You are welcome to ask the technician prior to the start of services for his advice on the likelihood of removal but in no way does that express a guarantee of removal. We cannot guarantee 100% removal of all spots/stains. This especially applies to natural fibers because of their absorbency and sensitivity. Please note specialty/deep stain treatment is an additional charge. If you have scheduled standard services, specialty stain treatment is not included in the quote. Specialty stain treatment does not guarantee removal or reversal of stain.

Irreversible Damage

Some Conditions Cannot Be Corrected With Cleaning. Our results may be limited by the conditions and nature of an item being cleaned. We cannot be held responsible for pre-existing conditions, manufacturer/use related problems or limitations caused by unusual conditions. Preexisting conditions are noted upon initial inspection but some conditions may not be noticed until during/after cleaning or upon closer examination.

Pet & Bodily Fluid Stains

No guarantee is made on urine or other bodily fluid stains or odor removal. The duration of time the urine stain has remained within the material will impact the ability to remove it. Cleaning products previously used to treat the stains can cause damage to the carpet or fabric and may be made noticeable upon extraction. We do not warranty pet stains. Pet accident stains are an additional charge as they need a separate enzyme treatment to break down and are not included in the standard cleaning process. The standard cleaning solutions do not break down these types of stains. Your services must have pet accident stains listed in order for treatment. If your pet has an accident post cleaning, feel free to contact us for a discounted spot cleaning service of $40 for up to 3 pet stains during 1 scheduled appointment. Appointment must be scheduled within 14 days of the original service. If it has been longer than 14 days, please feel free to contact us anyways and we will try to accommodate you.

Damage From Household Pre-treatments (Resolve, Nature’s Miracle, OxyClean ETC)

If you or someone else has pretreated your carpet, fabric or other surface for a stain, this can cause damage due to the high alkalinity of the product used. Damage includes, but is not limited to, bleaching, discoloring, weakening the material, tearing, and/or fraying. Such damages may not be noticed until during our cleaning process, or after our cleaning has been completed. We are not responsible for any damage, such as bleaching or discoloring, caused by extraction due to previous solutions left in carpet. Many over the counter household products for stain removal can have an adverse reaction to the material. These products can also be reactivated during the professional cleaning process or cause an interaction with our cleaning solutions. It is the customer’s responsibility of notifying the office (which would in-turn be listed on the work order/invoice) and notify the technician directly to indicate the location of any over the counter household products. These products include but are not limited to: Oxyclean, Resolve, Nature’s Miracle etc. These products used for stain removal may have the possibility of removing color from the material. We do not recommend the use of these products and are not responsible for any damage arising due to use of such products. For stains such as pet accident stains, we recommend first patting down any stain to absorb as much of the liquid content as possible, then dilute the area with water. A mild dish soap can be used. If the stain is already dried, we recommend leaving it until the technician arrives. For best results, leave a sticky note where all stains are located prior to the technician’s arrival to ensure no spots are missed.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Disclaimer

We seek to use products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly as often as possible, for our customer’s health benefits, the benefit of our environment, and for our own health benefits. We use a non-toxic solution for our standard carpet and upholstery services. We have non-toxic tile & grout cleaning solutions only upon request. However, in some cases those products cannot remove certain stains or treat certain materials. The technician will advise the customer upon arrival if another product is recommended. If you have certain surfaces, materials, or stains that our typical products will not remove or handle, then another product would be required to treat deeper difficult stains or treat such as pre-treated surfaces. All our solutions stay separated so you do not have to worry about cross contamination of a product that isn’t listed as non-toxic.

Liability Limits & Refunds

Our liability under any circumstance will be limited to the maximum amount of our cleaning charges. Your signature indicates that you understand that there are risks involved beyond our control, and with these conditions in mind you are authorizing Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC to do the work at your own risk, holding Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC harmless from liability and agree to our terms and conditions. We are a small business that seeks valuable, long-term customer relationships. It is our desire to ensure you are pleased with our services and if you aren’t for any reason we appreciate the opportunity to rectify the situation to the best of our ability and within reason.

Refunds/Warranty Services

Refunds or partial refunds are given solely at the discretion of management. If you are not satisfied with services it is your responsibility to notify Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC immediately at first notice of an issue, with a maximum of 14 days notification. We will schedule the technician to look at any areas in question for you and discuss with you any concerns or complaints. Photos can also be sent if needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us promptly to allow us the opportunity to address your concerns. If however, a considerable amount of time has passed or other services have been performed, either professionally or by yourself, prior to our review of your complaint then there is no reasonable way for Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC to determine our responsibility in your complaint. We seek to ensure our customers are satisfied with our services to the best of our ability. In the case of cleaning, time is of the essence and it is the customer’s responsibility to notify us promptly of any concerns or complaints.

Post-Cleaning Re-Soiling

We are not responsible for premature re-soiling of materials. It is the customer’s responsibility to allow all surfaces to dry or cure prior to use. We are not responsible for premature re-soiling. Examples of premature re-soiling are as follows but not limited to: Walking on carpet or using furniture when still wet, allowing pets onto surfaces when wet, walking on tile after sealant has been applied or in between cleaning and sealing, using the shower prior to the sealant or caulking to cure is not warrantied. To avoid premature re-soiling, do not allow pets onto areas until area is completely dry. If you must walk on carpet when wet, use socks or booties. Do not use socks or booties on other nearby areas as they will transfer any dirt/debris onto the carpet. Do not remove chips from furniture until carpet is completely dry. Any surfaces or applications that must dry or cure prior to use must be strictly followed by customer to ensure expected results. If cleaners or other service providers will be conducting separate services before, during or after, it is the customer’s responsibility to coordinate and ensure drying process is adhered to. We are not responsible for re-soiling or damage of any other company or person who causes premature re-soiling. It is recommended to wear socks or slippers in order to keep indoor surface areas clean. Shoes can quickly soil areas from outdoor use. Walking barefoot can also cause re-soiling due to body oils. Socks are recommended for prolonging your results. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or tips.

Customer Safety Liability

Risks are involved in just about everything. When a technician enters your property, he may not be aware of certain dangers. There are also dangers associated with being near equipment operation. Communication can ensure we can avoid any unnecessary risks as much as possible.

Customer’s Responsibility To Notify Technician Of Dangers/Risks

Customer must inform occupants of any known dangers such as slipping, tripping, aggressive animals, exposed wiring, unsecured heavy furniture, and so forth. Customer is responsible for moving any of their personal belongings that may get damaged during cleaning. Customer is responsible for securing all pets prior to services. We are pet friendly, however some pets may not be friendly to our equipment, they can resoil the areas as the technician is cleaning, or potentially escape the home as our truck-mount hose lines typically run through the front door or garage. For everyone’s safety and for best results, please secure your pets. Please move belongings from the areas being sprayed or near hose line. Please crack open windows for better air circulation. For truck-mount cleaning, the hose line will be attached to an outside hose bib. If there are any issues with hose-bib or it is not accessible, please notify us as soon as possible. If a nearby hose bib is not present and portable cleaning is required, please notify the technician if there are any known issues with an indoor faucet technician would attach to. Please feel free to contact us at anytime with questions.

Dangers/Risks Associated With Services

Please stay away from all equipment and keep others including children and pets away from all equipment. Certain areas of the equipment can become very hot to touch and hose lines will constantly be moving around during the process. To avoid any injuries, trips, burns, or spills Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC is not liable for injuries or damage caused by customer negligence and failure to adhere to our policy. We reserve the right to stop services if our policies are not adhered to by customer. If you wish to remain in the same room as the technician during the cleaning process, please notify the technician and stay in an area that is out of the technician’s way. You can discuss with the technician directly for him to suggest a desired area as the technician plans the cleaning process.

Water Dry-Out Services

Customer acknowledges that when emergency conditions exist at the work site and that customer has accordingly requested that work be commenced on an expedited basis without the delay involved in preparation of an estimate, Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC shall charge, and Customer agrees to pay, Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC standard prices for the services and materials actually provided. It is our desire to render estimates as close to accurate as possible. However, due to the nature of this type of service, all estimates are subject to change. The Customer authorizes Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC to proceed with its recommended procedures to preserve, protect and secure from further damage, the property(s) located above, and providing the Customer has valid effective insurance coverage for all or part of the services to be performed by Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC, the Customer further authorizes and directs their insurance carrier to pay Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC direct and to name Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC on any and all insurance drafts applicable to this loss. Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC shall bill all charges and/or costs directly to the Customer, and as a courtesy only, a copy of these invoices shall be mailed to the insurance carrier, if applicable. It is fully understood and agreed to by the Customer that any and all charges and costs are due upon completion of work. It is fully understood that the Customer is personally responsible for any and all deductible, depreciation or any charges or costs not covered by insurance or if customer declines to use their insurance. Any and all charges for services not reimbursed by an insurance carrier are the sole responsibility of the Customer and are to be paid upon completion of work. Any exceptions must be approved by Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC. All charges outside of insurance are due upon completion. All equipment rental charges are due at the time of rental. Customer is responsible for loss or theft of drying equipment while in customer’s care and custody and will take reasonable precautions to insure that this drying equipment is not lost or stolen. A finance charge of 3% per month will be applied to any unpaid balance after thirty (30) days Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC shall not be responsible for disappearances of any personal property or contents. In the event any legal proceedings must be instituted to recover the amount due, Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC shall be entitled to recover the cost of collection including reasonable attorney’s fees.

A. Effect of Abnormal Water

Water indoors is an abnormal condition and can cause or contribute to a number of problems. The damage and health implications increase the longer materials remain wet. There are at least four progressive stages of indoor water damage as follows:

  1. Water migrates into areas not originally affected. Water spreads laterally into adjoining rooms, penetrates materials below and wicks up into porous materials above. It is best to evaluate all affected areas, not just areas with visible saturation.
  2. Saturated materials begin swelling as they absorb moisture. In many situations drying and restoration will restore them, and in others the damage may be permanent. Rapid drying will help reduce the chance of permanent damage.
  3. As water evaporates it causes an abnormal humidity condition. High humidity can damage some porous materials if allowed to continue. Humidity damage is most common when the indoor humidity exceeds 60% over time. It is best to reduce the indoor humidity quickly to help prevent humidity damage.
  4. After water intrusion, mold and bacterial spores germinate and multiply. Given acceptable growth conditions, one organism can multiply to more than one billion organisms in less than 24 hours. Microorganisms can cause mold damage and degrade indoor air quality. Some microorganisms produce antigens and allergens which cause allergies while others can cause infections and toxic diseases.

B. Reducing Mildew Growth & Damage

Customer understands that several things that can be done to reduce mold growth and damage to affected materials:

  1. Water can be removed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.
  2. Antimicrobial agents can be applied to inhibit the growth of mold and other bio-contaminants.
  3. Rapid air-movement can be introduced into areas and cavities to increase the rate of evaporation.
  4. The relative humidity indoors can be reduced and then maintained between 25% and 45% Rh if possible.

C. Drying Equipment

Customer understands that high velocity air-movers (fans) and dehumidifiers will be installed to increase the rate of drying. Customer will not allow children to play with this equipment and will not turn off the equipment without first calling The Company. Customer will not leave windows open unless instructed by The Company, as this may retard the drying process. Customer will minimize entering affected rooms, especially those where carpet is being dried.

D. Safety Precautions

If dehumidifiers or air-movers must be moved, they must be shut off and unplugged as it may be hazardous to move these units while they are operating. Exposed tackless strip is a danger even when covered; Customer will take care when walking near tackless strip. The floors may be slippery when wet; Customer will take extreme care if walking on or from wet flooring materials.

E. Stop Work/Hold Harmless

In the event that The Company is not allowed to perform its recommended procedures and/or drying equipment is removed prematurely, Customer agrees to release and hold Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC harmless, and indemnify Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC against any claims or actions that may result from such incomplete procedures. Customer shall purchase from Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC, the services and materials set forth in the scope of work, and Art’s Cleaning Services, LLC will provide the same to Customer, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. Customer represents and warrants that Customer either is the owner of the Work Site or has been duly authorized and empowered by the owner of the work site to enter into this agreement; and Customer has read and understands this agreement.