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Carpet cleaning

Art’s Cleaning Service: Carpet Cleaning for Home or Business

There are many reasons to clean your carpets. Not only does it make them look new again, but it also removes allergens and bacteria from the carpet fibers. If you have a business or live in a home with carpeting then you should consider having them cleaned by Art’s Cleaning Service.


Carpet Cleaning Affects Health

Carpet cleaning affects not only the appearance of your carpets but also your health. The carpet fibers can trap allergens and bacteria which are transferred to a person’s respiratory system when they breathe in through their nose or mouth.
Breathing this in is considered unhealthy for someone with allergies as well as those who have asthma or other lung conditions. Carpet cleaning removes these allergens and bacteria from the carpet fibers, giving them a fresh new appearance as well as making it healthier to breathe in.
Art's Cleaning Service has been providing clean carpets for home or business for over 10 years with our professional service you can't go wrong!

How long do you have to Stay off the Carpet after Cleaning?

There is no specific time to stay off the carpet after a deep clean, but it's recommended that you wait at least 24 hours for most carpets and up to 48 hours if you have a wool or an animal fiber rug.
If your home has furniture that will be sitting on top of the area(s) cleaned, it's best to wait until the furniture is moved before letting anyone walk on them.
We provide a sanitizing spray for your doorways and other high traffic areas that are exposed to dirt or germs after you have cleaned carpets in your home. This will keep carpet cleaner longer as well as reduce allergens and bacteria from gathering.
If you have any other questions about our services or how to keep your carpets cleaner longer, please call us at (657) 234-7177. We will be more than happy to help!

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a process that cleans carpets using high-pressure hot water and pressurized steam. It's safe to use on most carpet fibers, including wool or animal hair types because it doesn't require the same amount of heat as dry methods like vacuuming.
The chemicals used in the process are carefully selected for their ability to remove soil and stains without damaging carpet fibers while being eco-friendly. Cleaning your carpets using this method will help them stay cleaner longer, reduce allergens and bacteria, and keep your family healthy.
For a more detailed explanation, please call us at (657) 234-7177. We’ll be happy to help!

Why Choose Us for your Carpet Cleaning?

We are a local carpet cleaning company that is family-owned and operated. We offer quality work for an affordable price, and we only use eco-friendly solutions when cleaning. This means your carpets will be left clean with no residue on the surface while keeping you and your family healthy!
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