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Art’s Cleaning Services is a rug cleaning service in Irvine CA. We specialize in the best carpet and rug services for families and business owners alike, with our years of experience giving us the know-how to take care of any job you need! With 10 years in the industry, we have learned what it takes to keep your carpets looking great and doing so cost-effectively.


Our Rug Cleaning Process

We use a steam process cleaning method, which means that our cleaners don't saturate your carpets with water. This allows us to clean your rugs without damaging them or leaving any wet spots for you! We also provide just about every other type of cleaning service as well - so when you call, we can help you find what's best for your needs.

Our Values

We take pride in our work, and we always treat your home like it's ours! We are committed to professionalism, respectfulness, honesty, and excellence. When you call Art's Cleaning Services to clean your carpets or rugs with us for the first time, you will be treated as a valued customer - not just another phone number on our call list.

Rug Cleaning Equipment

We invest in the best equipment money can buy for our cleaners. All of the machines we use are industrial grade and equipped with a powerful suction system, which keeps your carpets from getting wet while it's being cleaned!
Art's Cleaning Services only uses eco-friendly rug cleaning solutions that don't leave any residue on your rug. We can clean any rug, from wool to synthetic.

Commitment to Excellence

Art's Cleaning Services is committed to providing excellent customer service as well as the best rug cleaning in Irvine, CA. Our professionals are experts at removing any stains and dirt without damaging your carpets or rugs. Have a particularly tough stain that you've tried unsuccessfully scrubbing with soap and water? We can handle it! Call today for more information.

Rug Stain Removal

We can remove any type of stain that is found on your rug. We have special solutions for animal, oil, and food stains. If you're looking to make a home sale, we can clean the rugs before staging them with our professional rug cleaning machines so that buyers will be more likely to buy it!
Our approach to rug stains is to take care of the problem as soon as possible. However, before we arrive, it is important that you act as quickly as possible and blot up any fluids with an absorbent material like paper towel or cotton cloth. This will prevent any stain from setting in too deeply into your rug's fibers!
We want our customers to be confident about our cleaners and know that we will do a thorough job. That is why we offer a free inspection and free estimate on the spot for any customer that visits our Irvine location or orders online.
When you need a rug cleaning service in Irvine, CA with professional equipment and eco-friendly solutions that won't let you down, contact us today.


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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services. We will be happy to answer your queries as soon as possible by telephone or email!